Invite time is approaching!

Hi Friends.
So my designer tells me my invites are almost done… in theory they should be done by the end of next week, and then they’ll be sent around to the families for approval  and then off to the printer.  But first, i need to firm up the writing. I was really keen on doing something simple like:

Susie Q
Tom Sawyer
together with their families…

etc etc.

But B really wants to have our parents named on the invite, as they are funding this wicked awesome party. And i totally understand, but i really don’t know how to include everyone’s names, while still keeping the casual vibe! I mean there will be poutine, and tacos and sliders at this wedding. It’s not sterling silver and crystal… My google search turned up a Martha Stewart page with instructions on how to word the invite. SWEET FANCY MOSES, why is it so darned complicated? There were 15 different steps in this instruction guide!  I just want to say: We’re getting married, come drink and dance with us! The end.

Apparently there’s a billion different formalities to wording an invite, even a slightly informal invite.

So after i gave up on figuring out all those instructions, i clicked on to an article about addressing the envelopes. I wish i could UN-SEE this! MY goodness! Did you know it’s not kosher to print your addresses on a label and slap it on the front? You are supposed to hand write each address. And if you were truly going to be proper about it, your return address should be blind embossed. And are you aware of exactly how to write each persons name in the address? Are they a doctor? in the army? Are they living with their boyfriend? Single? Married but don’t share a last name? And what’s the dillio with an inner and outer envelope. GET LOST.  This is too much. I’ve never once received a wedding invite and spent more than 2 seconds starring at the envelope it came in!

My gosh, my head is going to explode with all this formality! Yikes.


Challenges of the week

Hi Friends.

So I’ve encountered a few challenges this week…. the first is with the DJ company. Something to know is that we are having a friend DJ our wedding, but we have to use the sound system at the venue (duh) and it’s owned by an outside DJ company who are charging us a technician fee to just have someone on site, making sure our DJ doesn’t blow a speaker. Fine. The fee is not cheap, it’s $50/hr, essentially for an extra dude in the room for the entire night. The owner of the DJ Company is the person i’ve been dealing with and he’d asked me to be in touch with our DJ to find out what he needs. I was at a gig on Friday night and our DJ friend was in attendance, and we were talking about song choices etc (Bon Jovi is a must, and so is Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams). I asked what he needs he said turn tables and a mixer. Sounds standard to me…. I pass along this message to the DJ Company and check this, turns out, they don’t supply turn tables…. a DJ company that does not have turn tables… WTF?! So guess what. It will cost me more money to rent them. Why should it cost me more money to rent the equipment, when i’m already forced to use your services. You should provide what i need considering the hourly fee i’m paying for your guy to stand around and do nothing for 8 hours!

A DJ company without turntables…

Second challenge of the week, and it’s only Wednesday, scheduling a tasting at one of the potential caterers. One of them, was easy peasy, it’s set up for next Tuesday evening. The other company only does tastings Monday – Friday, during business hours…. I’m pretty sure i’m not the only client in the world with a job, so why would they only do tastings during office hours, when people who can afford their services – work?! So despite their delicious sounding menu, i may not be able to choose them because i can’t get time off to taste their food! Seems silly. Another strange thing about this particular caterer is they don’t have automatic gratuity. It’s up to the discretion of the client … which makes me feel horrible for the staff on site at events because what happens when you work 5 hours at party for a difficult client and they just leave without paying a tip! Most caterers include the tip in their quote. So you can’t forget. But if i hadn’t have shown the quote to my sister – who works in the industry, i probably would not have noticed that the tip was not included, and i could have accidentally been that jerk that stiffs the staff on a tip!

And the third challenge of the week… though it’s a different kind of challenge, will be to test bake the mini cheesecakes for the wedding! I’m hosting a mini-cheesecake baking party this saturday! Results to be posted next week. I’m hungry just thinking about them!!

Happy planning!

No further ahead, and yet, leaps and bounds ahead!

So i’m technically no further ahead in my planning than i was at this time last week.

I did not book my officiant, but that’s because i’m waiting for the company to reply back to me with their availability. So i have sort of made a move to get that done. And that’s almost as important as getting it done, right?

BUT i did meet with my invitation designer, which was another goal i had last week. So that’s off the to do list, now i just need to work on the wording of the invite. In the meantime she’ll be working with some mock text to flesh out my design ideas.

I also had a full & rich (as we say around my office) with B to chat about the details of the wedding website, which he swears he’ll have done before the invites go out at the end of August.

And, something that wasn’t on my to do list from last week… caterers. I now have 2 quotes that are within my budget and i have a planned meeting with a third caterer for later this week. SO hopefully by the end of next week i’ll have my caterer booked. I feel so much better! I don’t know why it’s taken nearly 4 months of emailing to get quotes that fit my proposed budget, but at last it’s happening!  And one of the quotes is from a company i’d contacted twice before!

So anyway, i’m starting to feel a lot better about the budget and the spending and am very much looking forward to getting some big things off my plate, so i can concentrate on Martha Stewart-ing my reception venue! hahaha. Hopefully my next post will be about how i’ve booked an officiant AND a caterer!

wish me luck friends!

You’re Not Invited!

That’s probably the toughest sentence to say. And granted most people don’t say it quite so bluntly but that’s what they mean when they say in a round about way that you are not invited to their wedding.

Weddings are stressful, i’m having a really hard time finding a caterer that fits my teeny tiny budget, but on top of that having to deal with people who are asking for an invite to the wedding, or who assume they’re invited is added stress that i don’t need!

Some people i know their feelings won’t be hurt when i say “you’re not invited” and others i just avoid talking about wedding things in front of them so that i don’t have to have the awkward conversation about how they will not be getting an invitation.

I cannot afford to invite every.single.person i’ve ever met, nor would i want them all there anyway. I’m a pretty quiet and shy person, so is my fiance and currently my invite list is at about 127 people + the potential for 13 plus one’s to show up. That’s a possibility of 140 people starring at us while we commit our lives to each other. That’s scary, and quite a ways off from my dream wedding at a chapel in Vegas with Elvis as the Officiant.

Try and remember that weddings aren’t free, and if you aren’t invited to a wedding it’s likely because of the budget, it’s not because you aren’t liked. Try and remember that and don’t take offense. Wish the couple well, and have a toast in their honour where ever you may be on their wedding day. Please don’t add to the stress of their planning by asking their friends if you’re getting an invite – or worse yet asking the couple. They aren’t excluding you to be mean, they just likely cannot afford to invite you.  Don’t hold a grudge, it’s petty and reflects poorly on you. You don’t make friends in life simply to be invited to their wedding!


In other news, my goal for this week is to book an officiant! Let’s hope i get it done and can cross that off my list! I’m also meeting with my invitation designer to get started on those!


Aisle Walk Gone Wrong

Oh sweet mercy, have y’all seen this video?
I could only peak at it through my fingers that i was holding in front of my eyes. It was too hard to look directly at it. I was soooo embarrassed for this girl.
So please if you’re considering this move and are not actually Christina Aguilera, please don’t. Save us the pain!

Caution, watch at your own risk!!
Aisle Walk Gone Wrong

Football Themed Wedding? I don’t think so!

Hi Ladies.
It has recently been brought to my attention that i have picked Grey Cup weekend as my wedding. And for the love of the lord, the damn game is being played in Toronto this year! Argh!

This was only brought to my attention when I was researching hotels for my guests to stay at that weekend. I was having a real hard time finding one for less than $150 a night. And the reason is because EVERYTHING is booked up due to the Grey Cup!

I did find one hotel that offered a rate of $149/per night BUT the catch was i had to guarantee that i could get bookings for a minimum of 10 rooms, and if i didn’t, we’d be responsible for paying for the remainder of the rooms! GET LOST. If i don’t book them, it’s not like they won’t go unsold – you can release them and other football crazed fans will book them. I’m not signing that! Get lost!

So i have booked a group rate at the InterContinental Yorkville. The room rate is a bit higher than i was hoping for ($169/night), but the accommodations are beautiful and the woman i have been dealing with in sales, has been really helpful! AND we don’t have to guarantee any number of rooms! And $169, is pretty reasonable considering two things, it’s in Yorkville, and it’s downtown Toronto. Other hotels i priced were over $200 a room and that was with the group booking discount! Yikes.

So ladies, if you haven’t started looking at hotels for your fall/winter wedding, i would highly suggest getting on that… as well as checking out the InterCon in Yorkville!

Good luck + yay football! haha



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