Pretty Headpieces

Hi Pals.

Photo Credit: Posh Veils

Came across this vendor today while trolling Style Me Pretty Canada.
They’re called Posh Veils and they are handmade right here in the Big Smoke – Toronto!

They are so pretty and dainty! Love!!!
I also suspect you’ll really love the prices too! So reasonable!



Wedding Hair & House Hunting!

Oh Hi Friends,

I know it’s been a while. Here’s the thing, we’re house hunting! And man, you thought planning a wedding was exhausting, try committing to something that’s going to cost you close to half a million dollars! Ok, so we’re not looking to spend $500K on a house, more in the low $400’s but still, that is a LOT of money, much more than our wedding is going to cost! We’ve been at the process for about 3 weeks now, since we first met with our real estate agent, we’ve looked at 10 houses and only really even considered one – the last one we saw. Sadly that house was already sold when we saw it, and the selling agent never bothered to mention that! So anyway, this is the reason i haven’t been very wedding focused, cause it’s too hard to do both!

BUT i did just get this delivered to my email and found it quite inspiring.. as far as wedding hair goes! I like that it has downloadable instructions for each ‘do. Generally i find the emails from BHLDN to not be that helpful, or informative. Everything is too overpriced for what it is, it all looks DIY, without BEING DIY…. and why would i spend the extra dough to have you do it for me? But those are just my feelings, i’m probably not their target market. But i did really enjoy their slideshow of hairstyles! So thanks for that BHLDN!