David’s Bridal White by Vera Wang SALE

need i say more?!

Make an appointment now! the gowns are gorgeous, and pretty reasonably priced, considering they’re Vera. Plus, you’ll get to tell people you’re wearing Vera Wang. Which is awesome!



SALE!!!! Vera Wang White Collection

Hi Ladies!

I’m happy to say that David’s Bridal is currently having a sale on Vera Wang White Collection bridal gowns. This is the collection i’ve been lusting over since – well forever. Select gowns are on sale for a savings of $200 -$400. I have my appointment!! Eek!

I was a little bit forced into the appointment, but the pushy woman at the David’s Bridal booth at the fall wedding show at the International Centre this weekend wouldn’t let me NOT book an appointment. I got sucked in by the $50 coupon. BUT the coupon is only valid till October 31, 2011, and the Vera Wang sale is only on till October 3. So I booked an appointment!

We haven’t even booked our venue yet, and I’m making plans to shop for the dress! I’m not entirely convinced that i’m ready yet, to buy the dress. And i’m nervous about the appointment. I hate having sales people helping you out. And there’s no avoiding it at a bridal salon. But the thing is, i’m picky. I already know i don’t want anything shiney, or heavy or poofy, or overly ornate – did i just eliminate all bridal gowns there? Oops. And how do i tell the consultant, yeah, i’m just not ready to buy yet? or yeah i’m not going to be a huge commission for you, i only want to try on SALE gowns, and i want to spend less than $500. The criteria for my gown is can i get low in it? I need to be able to move like i have my ‘apple bottomed jeans’ on, if you know what i’m saying!

I’m also not at my goal wedding weight, in fact i just started back at the gym last week. I’ve got 15 lbs to go before i’m where i want to be.

Agh. I’m stressed already, but a teeny bit excited (i think? it’s hard to tell, that could just be my pumpkin spiced latte disagreeing with my breakfast).

Stay tuned!