Mission Accomplished!

Ladies (and Gents).

I have found and booked a venue! It’s a venue I checked out 8 months ago… and finally decided to just go for it! I don’t know why i waited so long. I was immediately in love with the space when i saw it online, and in real life it’s even better!

My fiance and i picked a date last weekend and without a moments hesitation i emailed the venue to check if the date we picked was still available and as luck would have it, it was available! Thank goodness, cause we’ve been engaged for 18 months already and we finally picked a date. If the space wasn’t available. I think we would have just had everyone over to our house instead! haha.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the venue is the Rosehill Venue | Lounge.
We’ve booked a date for November of this year… I better get motoring! Tomorrow hopefully i will be checking one more thing off my ‘to do’ list, by picking my wedding dress! If you remember I went shopping back in October, and there were a few dresses that pulled forward as the front runners. I’ve since narrowed it down to two and i think tomorrow is the day to finally pull the trigger and pick THE dress. Yikes!

Here’s the scoop on the Rosehill. It’s located at Yonge/St Clair. Easy access by subway, and literally right next door there is a Green P parking garage that costs $5 for parking. You can pre-pay for your guests or your guests can pay, it’s up to you. The venue fee obviously varies on the time of year and day of the week. We’re getting married in their high season so the venue fee is $3500 for a Saturday. The fee includes the furniture on site, which are some loungey couches, there’s gold chiavari chairs (90 i think?), they have round tablesĀ  on site as well, and it also includes the tea lights that are around the venue and if you’re having an open bar it includes the fee for the bartenders. You have the use of the whole venue, including the very adorable classic smoker’s lounge the the basement that is often used as a Bridal Suite. Other perks are they don’t have any preferred caterers. They do have a list of places they recommend, but there’s no penalty for picking your own. Another thing i really liked was their bar package. We had decided early on that we wanted an open bar, all night. And the Rosehill offers two packages, the basic for $6.50 per person, per hour and that includes standard bar rail, mixers, beer, and a red and white house wine. And it’s all customizable (within reason). If you have a particular wine you really enjoy, you can have the Rosehill order it in and it will be served as the house wine, same with the beer selection, as long as the beer you pick is comparable in price to the beers they serve, there will be no extra charge.

Overall i have a really good feeling about this venue. I did a lot of research before hand and every review i read only had wonderful things to say about the venue and their staff.

So, here we go folks! Time to start planning!



Unique Wedding Venues in Toronto

I sincerely wish i wasn’t the first to post this list. But i’ve had to do some serious leg work to gather this list. So i would like to save you all the pain.

There are some truly unique places in the city. These places all mostly meet my requirements of wheelchair accessible, can hold 100 – 150 people for a standing cocktail reception, is in the downtown area, and does not remotely resemble a hotel or banquet hall.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but this is a list of the ones I had to find by digging, there’s lots of cool spaces that get used on a regular basis like the Steamwhistle Brewery, Distillery District venues etc. These are places it’s unlikely you’ve already attended a wedding here. Which is another unwritten requirement of mine!

Here we go!

The Richmond
477 Richmond St W
Capacity: 80 seated, 150 standing
Something awesome about them: Their rental fee includes a bunch of furniture! They are also enviro friendly!



Analogue Gallery
673 Queen St W
Capacity: intimate weddings
Something awesome about them: Mick Jagger will be present at your wedding… in photo form!




The Rosehill
6 Rosehill Av (Yonge/St.Clair)
Capacity: 110 seated ceremony/130 seated dinners, 300 cocktails
Something awesome about them: They have this gorgeous old school smoking lounge in the basement that they use as a bridal suite.


The Venue @ NSC
5 Brock Ave (Queen W / Brock St)
Capacity: Banquet 150/ Reception 250
Something awesome about them: You can provide the booze!


Airship 37
37 Parliament St, Unit 2
Capacity: Gooderham Lounge 120 standing. Main Room 180 seated, 350 standing.
Something awesome about them: The main room is entirely a blank canvas for you to create your dream come true!



Fiber Living
58 Berkeley St.
I don’t actually know any of the details about this space apart from what i learned from the Toronto Life article. I know it’s a furniture store, but it is totally rentable!




LoftRaum @ Urban Amish
86 Parliament St
Capacity: I have no idea…
Something awesome about them: the venue rental fee includes the Urban Amish Interiors furniture and accessories!

Wedding Hair & House Hunting!

Oh Hi Friends,

I know it’s been a while. Here’s the thing, we’re house hunting! And man, you thought planning a wedding was exhausting, try committing to something that’s going to cost you close to half a million dollars! Ok, so we’re not looking to spend $500K on a house, more in the low $400’s but still, that is a LOT of money, much more than our wedding is going to cost! We’ve been at the process for about 3 weeks now, since we first met with our real estate agent, we’ve looked at 10 houses and only really even considered one – the last one we saw. Sadly that house was already sold when we saw it, and the selling agent never bothered to mention that! So anyway, this is the reason i haven’t been very wedding focused, cause it’s too hard to do both!

BUT i did just get this delivered to my email and found it quite inspiring.. as far as wedding hair goes! I like that it has downloadable instructions for each ‘do. Generally i find the emails from BHLDN to not be that helpful, or informative. Everything is too overpriced for what it is, it all looks DIY, without BEING DIY…. and why would i spend the extra dough to have you do it for me? But those are just my feelings, i’m probably not their target market. But i did really enjoy their slideshow of hairstyles! So thanks for that BHLDN!



VENUE: Ontario Heritage Centre

Hi Ladies,

A few weeks ago a few of us (more than i expected) headed out to the Ontario Heritage Centre at Adelaide & Yonge. As the name indicates it’s a Heritage building so it’s old, which is fine with me, this particular building still has a manually operated elevator which was one of the features that i LOVED. The elevator is used to take you up to the second floor Birkbeck Room where the ceremony takes place. After the ceremony the elevator is used to bring your guests down to the Gallery where the reception takes place, there is also a set of stairs for your able bodied guests to use – i just like the elevator.

The Birkbeck room was lacking in personality. There aren’t too many photos online of weddings that have happened there, so I wanted to check out the space in person to get a better sense of what it was like. The Birkbeck room just reminded me of any of the number of meeting rooms I’ve booked in my career, there just wasn’t anything to write home about, as i like to say.

The second room we looked at was the Gallery, the area where the reception would take place. A couple things that stood out to me, was the carpeting. WHY WHY WHY is there carpeting? Also, despite the fact that the website says it can hold 150 people, i just couldn’t see how everything would fit, and I don’t even want tables! It just seemed so uninspired but i have a tough time visualizing things, and i really don’t want to have to put in a lot of effort to make my vision come to life!

Anyway, needless to say that everyone who came to look at the venue was in agreement that this is not my venue.

The only numbers available are for the room rental, because everything else pretty much goes through their preferred caterers.

Mon-Fri Rental Costs for Birkbeck & the Gallery: $1795 (full day)
Saturday Rental Costs for Birkbeck & Gallery: $1950 (full day)
* these include the tables and chairs & if you’re interested a rehearsal can be booked in the Birkbeck for $300.

So the Room Rental isn’t bad, but the space just wasn’t for me.

Plodding on…


VENUE: Berkeley Church & Fieldhouse

When i first started planning this wedding, the Berk was my DREAM venue! In fact it was the only venue that B and I agreed on, and it was the first one that came out of his mouth.

i thought sweet! this is going to be soooo easy! I was so naive then. I emailed the events coordinator and got some details about the space, capacity, rental fee and what’s included etc. Man, this was going so well. A week or so later I got another email from the berk saying they were having an open house and will be giving tours of the venue + there will be wine and hors d’ouerves. Awesome! Rounded up my ladies and my mom and we headed the Berk the following week for a walk-through. It was beautiful, perfect, exactly what i wanted, and the event coordinator was great. Very helpful and informative and even listened as my mom yammered on about her wedding in brampton in the 70s – because he lives in brampton and must therefore be interested?!

even my mother was in love with the venue, she was starting to come around to my idea of a very casual, non-traditional wedding. She could see it happening there. A week after the visit i messaged the contact there to get a cost estimate. And this is where it all went wrong! Yipes $14000, and that was WITHOUT BOOZE! And oh wait, i can’t have it in the room I want on the date i want because they don’t do cocktail parties during high season for less than 150 people, and never on a saturday? Hmm that was news to me, that was always my plan and the coordinator knew that… so i was totally heartbroken to realize that this was not going to happen!

That was my first lesson in planning a wedding. Lesson learned – weddings are expensive! I had a grand plan to have a $10,000 wedding. HAHAHA. I thought, how expensive can it be to have a party for 120 people with some snacky foods, poutine and tacos? Answer: REALLY expensive!

Here’s a break down of the costs for 120 guests:
Venue rental fee (includes furniture! bonus!) $2800
Privilege of using their sound system $200
Soda & Juice for everyone: $900
Hors D’ouevres: $2000
2 Food Stations: $3600
Staff: $2500
Rentals: $1200
Cleaning fee: $500

Plus Taxes and Grats…..

All the costs seem fine on their own – apart from $2500 for staffing – how many staff do you really need! And the cleaning fee? Seems like a bit of a money grab… So anyway. It’s a beautiful venue and if i could afford to i would still like to get married there, but i’ve resigned to the fact, that my lotto numbers are probably not going to get picked, so i’ve been on the hunt for another equally awesome space to host my wedding. I’ve also resigned myself to the fact that $10,000 is an unrealistic budget!

Stay tuned, more adventures in wedding planning to come!