Paper Flowers – I’ve gone and done it!


I tried my hand at paper flowers last weekend. After a very sweaty walk to the Paper Place on Queen, and then a quick pop-in to the Dufferin Mall Dollarstore + Wal-Mart, I attempted to craft some paper flowers.

While at the Paper Place, i easily spent an hour looking at all the neat stuff they had in there… also cooling down, it was a billion degrees outside and i was in no hurry to head back out. I picked up a few bits and pieces, but most importantly i picked out some Japanese Watermark Tissue to be able to try my hand at these neat roses i saw on a vlog that the Paper Place had posted… for your viewing pleasure, here it is: Wedding Bells + The Paper Place Make Paper Roses.

Since i was in the crafting mood (the mood don’t last long) i thought i’d also give this little tutorial on paper roses a shot. For these i used pages from the billions of wedding magazines i’ve acqured over the last two years.

And friends. Here is the result. (you can see i gave up rather quickly.. this is what happens when drinking red wine while crafting… you get sleepy!)

I have a bit of a ways to go… but i think they look cute!


DIY Invitations??

Thinking of DIYing your invites?

I’ve also had the same crafty idea. I few years ago i started a tradition of making my own christmas cards with my aunt. And the very first year we did it went to The Paper Place on Queen street to pick up supplies. I’ve since stopped making my own Christmas cards just out of sheer lack of time over the Christmas season. But i’ve currently got lofty goals of making my wedding invites, nothing overly fancy, just something that gets the message across: we’re getting married come dance with us!

I’ve also noticed that this past May they offered a workshop of tissue paper flowers! Which got me super excited as I also have a desire to have paper flowers at my wedding instead of real ones!

I think i could be on to something here!

The Paper Place is located at 887 Queen St W. Across from Bellwoods Park, and that delicious bakery Nadege which has really yummy macaroons… should you have a craving while shopping for paper!