Brilliant Advice from the Knot


I just finished reading the 10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes.

Clever, clever clever. I’m right there with them! I’m a pretty practical person, although the fiance will tell you differently! haha. And the first mistake on the Knot’s list, is being overly excited about the wedding and wanting to share the news and send out save the dates, before even having a guest list!

Guest list first ladies! Well before you start planning things and sending out official wedding communications! And here’s why:
1. the number of people attending affects your budget – each person has a price tag
2. the number of people may limit the venue options for your ceremony and reception
3. writing it out, really makes you actually see just how many friends and family you have and will help you take stock of who you sincerely want to share your big day with you.

I initially thought that 120 guests would be my number… and after writing it all out, i think i might be pretty close to it! Depending on how many folks B’s parents want to invite and  how many of our single friends bring dates. Since our wedding isn’t a sit down dinner, i don’t think the single folk will feel out of place, cause they can just hang with their friends. They won’t be trapped at a table listening to speeches for 3 hours, wishing they’d brought a date so they’d have someone to make sarcastic quips to!

There’s lots more helpful tips on mistakes not to make in the article so give it read!