The Gift Network

Hi Ladies

I was just reading about this new online gift registry that’s based in TORONTO!! FINALLY! If you’ve been reading all along you know that i had some not so good experiences with gift registries from the Bay/Home Outfitters, so i’ve flat-out refused to go with them as my registry. I’ve been checking out the services other brides have used and finally something has come along that makes sense for the modern Toronto bride.

I’m happy to report that The Gift Network is open for business and has 100 stores waiting for brides and grooms to-be to log in, and start fantasy shopping to their heart’s content.

The one thing that is a wee bit tricky, will be for guests who don’t live in the city or travel downtown very often, or aren’t comfortable with online shopping. All the stores in the network are located in Toronto, somewhere, with a few exceptions. Most appear to offer online shopping but some of the older generation haven’t really got on board with that trend yet. So you may still want to register at somewhere like Sears for those folks that aren’t hip to the online trend yet. AND if you do that, you can still link that registry to your Gift Network Registry, so your guests can find everything they need all in one place!

Happy Shopping!