Alternative Wedding Gifts

Hi Friends

I always find when i’m flipping through magazines or blogs and people write about alternative wedding gifts, it seems that they’re writing for only rich people who are going to weddings. And i’m certainly not that demographic!
Today after being convinced i’m an adult and can justify buying nice things for my new house (new to me – the house is actually 100 years old), i came across this website for a store that’s located on Roncesvalles. As a general rule, i think Roncesvalles in general is a great place to start to find unique, thoughtful, crafty, personal wedding gifts.  This store in particular is called SoHo Art & Custom Framing, and is located at 77 Roncesvalles – two blocks north of queen.

Everything on the website is completely affordable and really cute. The items they stock would make for some really great thoughtful, not so standard wedding gifts.

The reason i came across their store was through a rabbit hole of websites while looking at posters to buy to decorate my living room. I’ve been in love with these transit style posters for a while now, and just this morning sent me a note about a sale. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada. BOOO. i was devastated. So i went to their etsy shop to look at how much it would be to have them shipped directly from the crafter. The etsy shop is NOT having a sale, so the prints i wanted were regular price, and the shipping is around $30 to get it from NYC to Toronto. Each poster is about $30, so i’m going to order two + shipping is around $90 which is not horrible. In fact i find it quite awesome. I’ve picked two cities that i love, Tokyo & New York City. New York has some significance to my fiance and I as for our first Christmas together he bought me a plane ticket to New York, because he knew how much i loved that city! And Tokyo because… well I love Tokyo. not a week goes by where i don’t message my traveling pals to talk about Tokyo. To us, talking about our trip to Tokyo is never out of the blue. we can relate everything back to those five amazing days 4 years ago!

The third and final poster i bought is an Ork Poster of the outer boroughs of London England, where B and I lived for 8 months, 2 years ago. And it actually lists our borough!

I think these posters would be great gifts for a couple who likes to travel. They are shipped unframed but finding a framer in this city isn’t too difficult and there are plenty of places where you can buy ready made frames and then all you need is a custom matte. And there you have a gorgeous, personal gift for under $100!

My friends however, can not use this idea as I’ve already purchased these for myself! ha.

Happy Gifting!