Football Themed Wedding? I don’t think so!

Hi Ladies.
It has recently been brought to my attention that i have picked Grey Cup weekend as my wedding. And for the love of the lord, the damn game is being played in Toronto this year! Argh!

This was only brought to my attention when I was researching hotels for my guests to stay at that weekend. I was having a real hard time finding one for less than $150 a night. And the reason is because EVERYTHING is booked up due to the Grey Cup!

I did find one hotel that offered a rate of $149/per night BUT the catch was i had to guarantee that i could get bookings for a minimum of 10 rooms, and if i didn’t, we’d be responsible for paying for the remainder of the rooms! GET LOST. If i don’t book them, it’s not like they won’t go unsold – you can release them and other football crazed fans will book them. I’m not signing that! Get lost!

So i have booked a group rate at the InterContinental Yorkville. The room rate is a bit higher than i was hoping for ($169/night), but the accommodations are beautiful and the woman i have been dealing with in sales, has been really helpful! AND we don’t have to guarantee any number of rooms! And $169, is pretty reasonable considering two things, it’s in Yorkville, and it’s downtown Toronto. Other hotels i priced were over $200 a room and that was with the group booking discount! Yikes.

So ladies, if you haven’t started looking at hotels for your fall/winter wedding, i would highly suggest getting on that… as well as checking out the InterCon in Yorkville!

Good luck + yay football! haha