When it rains it pours..

So i have been one busy bee!

Here’s some things i’ve got done in the last week.

1. created on an online registry from the comfort of my couch using this fantastic, easy to use website: MyRegistry.com. It’s brilliant, you can put ANYTHING your heart desires on there, that is ANYWHERE on the internet. Boom. you can have it all! As a bride, it’s the simplest thing i’ve found as far as online registries go. I’m not sure how the user/guest will find it, but will post back, if i hear anything negative from the other side. I’ll go into more detail about this site later on.

2. Mini-cheesecake trial, completed. Success!
There will be cheesecakes at the wedding! Yay… again photos and instructions to follow…

3. Menu tasting with the Lakeview. One word. WOW… you guessed it more details later.

4. Dresses found and bought! My MOH and bridesmaid have both found their navy dresses, and will be both wearing really gorgeous sparkly gold shoes! Mission accomplished! There will be no more on this… that pretty much says it all! ha. My mom, my brother, and my Dad, all also got their outfits for the wedding! Yay! My dad and my bro are wearing full dress traditional kilts to the wedding, and i’m really stoked about that! And my mom bought a beautiful Jacques Vert outfit on sale for 50% off, and then further reduced by 30%! So if your mom is looking for something special for your wedding, i recommend popping into the Bay.

5. Wedding favours decided, and now i just need the packaging.

6. i also bought and ink pad and address labels for the invites… the address labels are by Martha Stewart, who, if you’ve been reading along expressly said you are not to type out the addresses on the envelopes, and yet, these labels come with an online template for PRINTING ADDRESSES!  they’re pretty and gold rimmed. How could i not buy them. Now i just need to source decent weight ivory envelopes and i’m prepared for envelope stuffing!

7. shower date picked!

I’d say that was a pretty productive week! i deserve a beer, I’ll jog it off later! For those that don’t know I’ve signed up to run a 5K in October just a month before the wedding, as a motivator to get in shape, since my gym membership is not being used, out of spite. Don’t get me started on the Fitness One in the Dufferin mall! So anyway, on top of all this wedding planning and summer funness, i’ve been getting up 3 days a week at 7:30 to go for a jog before work. I’m pretty impressed with myself!

Stay tuned for more details on all of the above!



Alternative Wedding Gifts

Hi Friends

I always find when i’m flipping through magazines or blogs and people write about alternative wedding gifts, it seems that they’re writing for only rich people who are going to weddings. And i’m certainly not that demographic!
Today after being convinced i’m an adult and can justify buying nice things for my new house (new to me – the house is actually 100 years old), i came across this website for a store that’s located on Roncesvalles. As a general rule, i think Roncesvalles in general is a great place to start to find unique, thoughtful, crafty, personal wedding gifts.  This store in particular is called SoHo Art & Custom Framing, and is located at 77 Roncesvalles – two blocks north of queen.

Everything on the website is completely affordable and really cute. The items they stock would make for some really great thoughtful, not so standard wedding gifts.

The reason i came across their store was through a rabbit hole of websites while looking at posters to buy to decorate my living room. I’ve been in love with these transit style posters for a while now, and just this morning Fab.com sent me a note about a sale. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada. BOOO. i was devastated. So i went to their etsy shop to look at how much it would be to have them shipped directly from the crafter. The etsy shop is NOT having a sale, so the prints i wanted were regular price, and the shipping is around $30 to get it from NYC to Toronto. Each poster is about $30, so i’m going to order two + shipping is around $90 which is not horrible. In fact i find it quite awesome. I’ve picked two cities that i love, Tokyo & New York City. New York has some significance to my fiance and I as for our first Christmas together he bought me a plane ticket to New York, because he knew how much i loved that city! And Tokyo because… well I love Tokyo. not a week goes by where i don’t message my traveling pals to talk about Tokyo. To us, talking about our trip to Tokyo is never out of the blue. we can relate everything back to those five amazing days 4 years ago!

The third and final poster i bought is an Ork Poster of the outer boroughs of London England, where B and I lived for 8 months, 2 years ago. And it actually lists our borough!

I think these posters would be great gifts for a couple who likes to travel. They are shipped unframed but finding a framer in this city isn’t too difficult and there are plenty of places where you can buy ready made frames and then all you need is a custom matte. And there you have a gorgeous, personal gift for under $100!

My friends however, can not use this idea as I’ve already purchased these for myself! ha.

Happy Gifting!

The Gift Network

Hi Ladies

I was just reading about this new online gift registry that’s based in TORONTO!! FINALLY! If you’ve been reading all along you know that i had some not so good experiences with gift registries from the Bay/Home Outfitters, so i’ve flat-out refused to go with them as my registry. I’ve been checking out the services other brides have used and finally something has come along that makes sense for the modern Toronto bride.

I’m happy to report that The Gift Network is open for business and has 100 stores waiting for brides and grooms to-be to log in, and start fantasy shopping to their heart’s content.

The one thing that is a wee bit tricky, will be for guests who don’t live in the city or travel downtown very often, or aren’t comfortable with online shopping. All the stores in the network are located in Toronto, somewhere, with a few exceptions. Most appear to offer online shopping but some of the older generation haven’t really got on board with that trend yet. So you may still want to register at somewhere like Sears for those folks that aren’t hip to the online trend yet. AND if you do that, you can still link that registry to your Gift Network Registry, so your guests can find everything they need all in one place!

Happy Shopping!


Wedding Registries

Last year I had two family weddings to attend and a friends wedding. And i was really excited to shop for wedding presents. I LOVE shopping for wedding presents. It’s serious business folks.

The first wedding I began shopping about 3 months early because there was a sale on at the Bay (where they were registered), and what’s better than a wedding present in my budget?? So i poke around the china department at the Queen St location with the updated registry in hand. I wanted to get something fancy. I eyed something on the registry that looked like just my gift giving style, a set of four crystal rocks glasses. I hunted down a customer service rep (man, that was a mission) and pointed out the specific item that i wanted. We looked and looked and could only find 1 glass…. yeah that’s not gonna cut it. The CSR chimes in and says, “Oh! We can order that in for you, should be here in 6-8 weeks.” That sounded fine to me, the wedding was about 11 weeks away so that gave me a bit of a cushion. Fast forward to the week before the wedding and it’s still not arrived. No one from the store has called me, so i go INTO the store, and talk with the same guy who placed the order, and he says oh yeah no it’s not in yet..  thanks tips, i can SEE that. Do you know WHEN it will be in? No clue. NOT COOL. Now i look like a jack ass going to the wedding with no gift, i’d already paid for the stuff i ordered so i couldn’t give another gift. Over the next two months i go into the Queen st store on a regular basis to see what’s happening. No news. While visiting my mother i pop into her local Bay store and she looks up my order and says to me. Oh, that company has all their stuff on back order and it has to come in from the States, the orders only come through when they get enough. Finally a helpful/informed lady! So what was different on her computer screen that wasn’t on the screen at the FLAGSHIP store???I was livid.The gift finally arrived about 5 months after the wedding.

Needless to say this terrible experience stopped me buying the two other wedding gifts from the Bay/Home Outfitters. It’s also stopped me from wanting to register at the Bay/Home Outfitters. For the other weddings i opted for home made sentimental  gifts that the couples really appreciated – one was a photo album with photos of them as they were dating put together by Shutterfly (along with a gift card to the LCBO). The other wedding we gave cash and set of custom coasters inspired by their wedding invites made by Carte Blanche Coasters.

A girl I used to work with is getting married this January, and since she already owns a home and all the furnishings for it, her and her fiance decided to register for a honeymoon, which i thought was a really neat idea!  They used a site similar to EHoneymoonRegistry.com. It’s essentially a registry for cash, but your guests get to allocate their dollars to something specific, like a seat upgrade on the flight, or a welcome bottle of champagne or snorkeling lessons etc. Another neat registry i just read about is a down payment registry. If you’re like me and B we’re in the process of saving for the wedding and for a down payment on our first home. DownPaymentDreams.com is a website that looks to do just that, make your down payment dreams come true!

So i just thought i’d share some non-traditional registries in case there are others out there looking for something different!