Paper Flowers – I’ve gone and done it!


I tried my hand at paper flowers last weekend. After a very sweaty walk to the Paper Place on Queen, and then a quick pop-in to the Dufferin Mall Dollarstore + Wal-Mart, I attempted to craft some paper flowers.

While at the Paper Place, i easily spent an hour looking at all the neat stuff they had in there… also cooling down, it was a billion degrees outside and i was in no hurry to head back out. I picked up a few bits and pieces, but most importantly i picked out some Japanese Watermark Tissue to be able to try my hand at these neat roses i saw on a vlog that the Paper Place had posted… for your viewing pleasure, here it is: Wedding Bells + The Paper Place Make Paper Roses.

Since i was in the crafting mood (the mood don’t last long) i thought i’d also give this little tutorial on paper roses a shot. For these i used pages from the billions of wedding magazines i’ve acqured over the last two years.

And friends. Here is the result. (you can see i gave up rather quickly.. this is what happens when drinking red wine while crafting… you get sleepy!)

I have a bit of a ways to go… but i think they look cute!


Gush, gush, gush!

We bought a house!! It’s beautiful. I don’t have a child to gush over, so in the meantime, I have a gorgeous house to ramble about! It’s a century home, in the city, in the specific neighbourhood we were hoping for. It’s updated but not overly done, so there’s room to make it ours, there’s a nice backyard for entertaining with a big patio¬† which means minimal lawn for mowing! yay! Anyway, i’m in love! And oddly we get the house the day before Valentine’s! I’m so excited!

And on a wedding related note, a friend of mine sent a link yesterday to a beautiful EASY DIY floral arrangement from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I think these would make lovely centre pieces or if you’re like me and not having tables…. they would be gorgeous accent pieces to place around the venue and at food stations.

Once we get settled in the house i guess i’ll have to actually make real plans related to the wedding… like buying a dress. Funny i should bring that up, David’s is having a sale on! And both the dresses that i fell in love with back in October are on SALE! and one is way way way on sale (and it was always a little bit my favourite). Eek! i might have to buy a dress without having booked a single other thing for the wedding!

Stay tuned!

Yipes! When Bouquets Go Wrong!

I found this photo today on It’s from one of the ‘real weddings’ they post.

Th bride and groom were going for a flower/nature/feather/metal theme and did up this bouquet using feathers and sticks? To me, it looks like she’s holding a large fuzzy spider and it’s really freaking me out!

The centre pieces, also scary:

A fork, a stick, some dirt and a feather? I don’t get it.

To each their own i always say, but this appears to be the extreme ‘their own’. It doesn’t really add much to the table? Except maybe mud, if it’s knocked over.


Paper Flowers!

Hi Ladies!

So if you’re like me, you’re suffering from allergies at the moment which is really attractive! One of the many reasons, this included i’m not keen on having real flowers at our wedding. Flowers wilt, and they’re expensive and they make me sneezy and depending on the flower they could stain your clothing! So NO THANK YOU!!

I have some really cute paper flowers that i’d like to share with you.








Click here for all the detailed instructions. I can’t comment on how easy or difficult these are to make, but they’re certainly pretty!






(Via:, posted by Poe-tate-o)

These ones are also really pretty!
Click here for the details on ‘how-to’








(Via: Green Wedding Shoes).

These are adorable, and were the very first ones i saw that made me think paper flowers are possible!! AND they’re made with coffee filters! Talk about budget!

Click here for the instructions.







And these are just the middle bits from the flowers above, made with magazines! This i’m really excited about. I’m drowning in bridal mags at the moment, and this would be a great second life for them don’t you think?