The Internet Makes Me Happy


Today I have discovered so many awesome things on the internet. I’m always impressed with creative people.  And today, my mind is blown at some of these creative things i’ve found. Some i wish i had found earlier… like this Etsy Card Shop Sapling Press.
They have some brilliantly funny cards made for asking your friends to be your maid of honour (or in their case, honor. they’re american) or bridesmaid. I did the card thing, but my cards weren’t nearly as clever… mostly because i had to write them myself. but look at these:

Another thing i found on the internet today is this adorable Rice Krispie Treat wedding cake:

And lastly, i found this Etsy shop called Liquid Courage, and you know those bridal party members in charge of speeches are gonna need a little of this…Anything on this page would make an adorable thank you gift for your bridal party, male or female. I’m considering a few of these for a groom’s gift! i think B would be really into this idea.. and i know some of my bridal party would appreciate it as well! I’m really digging these ones:


Making Moves!

Photo Credit: Milo&Ben by Melissa Lowry.

I haven’t ACTUALLY accomplished anything wedding related since my last post, but I have made some moves.

1. I got in touch with All Season Weddings to find out about fees and if they had any officiants available. They replied saying they did have some availability on my date, and asked if i had any specific officiant requests…. I’ve given the Toronto website officiant bios a read-through and currently i’m kinda digging Helen Sweet. The word ‘light-hearted’ was used in her bio and she runs the Bride’s Project. So perhaps I’ll message them back and see if she is available. What surprised me most about looking into officiants, is the cost! To book with All Season Weddings in Toronto is nearly $400, and all that gets you is one free meeting, and the ceremony – oh and unlimited emails and phone calls…. BUT here’s my question. What if you meet the officiant they’ve booked for you and you don’t jive? Do you have to pay the $100 extra meeting fee? Also they charge extra you for the Rehearsal? Which i really think is key, cause it will likely be the only time prior to the wedding that you actually hear how your officiant will read the ceremony which can really set the tone of the whole thing…. So $400, for what works out to be maybe 1.5 hours of work. Max. As an experienced fake-officiant. I have to say, that’s highly over-paid. I mean i did about 13 mins of work performing the ceremony for a friend and her husband a couple of years ago. But i guess it’s like everything, it’s a necessary evil when planning a wedding and because it’s wedding related it’s probably over-inflated a wee bit.

2. I have sourced a potential wedding photographer. I’ve been reading some nightmare stories of bad wedding photography lately, coupled with stories of people having to settle for someone they didn’t love because they waited too long to book. On Friday night i was curled up on the couch with B drinking wine flipping through wedding blogs and i made it my mission to go through on and see if i could find someone awesome, and who didn’t cost $4000. I believe I have found that person! I don’t want to jinx it, so i will share her blog with you after we’ve met, and I’ve actually signed the contract. Apart from the venue, photography was the biggest thing i was worried about.

3. Cake topper. I have found the absolute cutest cake topper ever. On the weekend I was telling a girlfriend how badly i wanted a penguin cake topper. And I’ve been checking sites and haven’t found anything overly awesome. Until today. I found this on Etsy: Milo&Ben. Umm? How cute are those?! I’ve gotten approval from the fiance, and I am purchasing!

4. And finally, I have ordered some samples from one of those custom crap online stores. I say custom crap in a completely non-crap meaning way. It’s just a term i use, and i mean it in the nicest possible way. I’ve ordered some printed napkins, in two different colours that i’m debating, a matchbook in my colours and a ‘tea favour’ which is a tea bag, individually wrapped in a paper that can be customized. There’s a few websites out there that do custom party things, but i’ve ordered these from mostly because they had the option to get a shiney gold napkin, which i prefer over a matte gold. Which –  let’s face it, isn’t really gold at all.

So there you have it. Moves, I’m making moves. I feel a little better about the to do list. Next up to tackle is food and guest list with the fiance…. if i can tear him away from the TV long enough, i might have to entice him with the promise of dinner!


Alternative Wedding Gifts

Hi Friends

I always find when i’m flipping through magazines or blogs and people write about alternative wedding gifts, it seems that they’re writing for only rich people who are going to weddings. And i’m certainly not that demographic!
Today after being convinced i’m an adult and can justify buying nice things for my new house (new to me – the house is actually 100 years old), i came across this website for a store that’s located on Roncesvalles. As a general rule, i think Roncesvalles in general is a great place to start to find unique, thoughtful, crafty, personal wedding gifts.  This store in particular is called SoHo Art & Custom Framing, and is located at 77 Roncesvalles – two blocks north of queen.

Everything on the website is completely affordable and really cute. The items they stock would make for some really great thoughtful, not so standard wedding gifts.

The reason i came across their store was through a rabbit hole of websites while looking at posters to buy to decorate my living room. I’ve been in love with these transit style posters for a while now, and just this morning sent me a note about a sale. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada. BOOO. i was devastated. So i went to their etsy shop to look at how much it would be to have them shipped directly from the crafter. The etsy shop is NOT having a sale, so the prints i wanted were regular price, and the shipping is around $30 to get it from NYC to Toronto. Each poster is about $30, so i’m going to order two + shipping is around $90 which is not horrible. In fact i find it quite awesome. I’ve picked two cities that i love, Tokyo & New York City. New York has some significance to my fiance and I as for our first Christmas together he bought me a plane ticket to New York, because he knew how much i loved that city! And Tokyo because… well I love Tokyo. not a week goes by where i don’t message my traveling pals to talk about Tokyo. To us, talking about our trip to Tokyo is never out of the blue. we can relate everything back to those five amazing days 4 years ago!

The third and final poster i bought is an Ork Poster of the outer boroughs of London England, where B and I lived for 8 months, 2 years ago. And it actually lists our borough!

I think these posters would be great gifts for a couple who likes to travel. They are shipped unframed but finding a framer in this city isn’t too difficult and there are plenty of places where you can buy ready made frames and then all you need is a custom matte. And there you have a gorgeous, personal gift for under $100!

My friends however, can not use this idea as I’ve already purchased these for myself! ha.

Happy Gifting!

Wedding Humour

Hi Friends.

A friend of mine posted this link on my facebook page the other day. And I laughed my ass off!  How to know if you’re having the same wedding as everyone else on Pintrest.

I laughed not because i don’t like the sound of these weddings or because it’s the extreme opposite of my indoor winter wedding, i laughed because it’s true! You can’t look through one wedding related website and not find at least 5 of the elements they mention. It’s just the style of weddings these days,  like big shoulders and pouf and legion halls were our parents generation of weddings.

And while on the subject of humour. I’ve recently purchased this book for a fellow bride-to-be, it’s titled Scenes from an Impending Marriage. It’s a hilarious tale of planning a wedding… ingraphic novel format. If you’re looking for a kitchsy gift to get a friend as an engagement present – I highly recommend this book.


Could I be an Etsy bride?

I often find myself clicking through to Etsy pages and lusting over all the beautiful handcrafted items. If you know me, you know i love crafty crap and the people who make it – because i am not uber crafty. i always like to think i am, but then something distracts me or i find i’m missing something to do the job right and needless to say, things rarely get finished.

Today i came across this site with beautiful birdcage veils and fascinators, and all for a really good price. Fine & Fleurie have pages and pages of beautiful pieces that i think any bride would fall in love with.

The veil pictured here is $29.50 USD, the flower is sold separately and is made of silk with Swarovski crystals in the centre for $45 USD.  A beautiful, handmade veil for $75?! Deal!

Please check out their Etsy shop here.