Mini Cheesecake Trial: Success!

Hey Ladies,

So on the weekend my mom, my sister and I did a trail run of my mini cheesecake idea. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that my wedding food is more of a comfort food style rather than traditional wedding food. So for our cake, i wanted something different. Everyone is really on board with the cupcake cake idea, and i was thinking about other things that i could make miniature versions of, and since i have an extreme fondness for cheesecake, it seemed so natural. Plus B has a really limited sweet tooth, and cheesecake is still something he enjoys, so perfect!

I did some googling and found this post by Bakerella: Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes. Umm? How awesome does that sound?! I especially like the Super Easy part.

So we made some modifications to make them super mini easy cheesecakes (see what i did there?!). I bought some really teeny candy foil cups from the Bulk Store, and i bought some of the bigger 2″ foil cups, I wanted to see which cups were better. We also made our own crust, rather than using the vanilla wafers. This is the recipe we used for the crust. The challenge really came when we were trying to get the crust into the teeny candy cups without loosing the shape. Our collective brain power lead us to the mortar and pestle that was just perfectly the size of the bottom of the cup.  So we smushed some crust in the bottoms of the cups, topped them off with the cheesecake mix, and popped them in the oven. We put them on a cookie sheet rather than a mini-muffin pan. I think the mini-muffin pan is key to them keeping their shape. Although i can’t be sure, because we did really fill the cookie sheet, so it’s possible they could have kept their shape, if we’d left enough room between each cake.

So after a taste test… obviously. We found some things around the house to top the cakes off with. I had some cocoa powder, and some skor toffee pieces, and my mom whipped up some lemon topping from fresh lemons and boom:

We have to work on the toppings for the real deal, but I was really impressed with how easy and inexpensive the whole process was. For our actual wedding cheesecakes, we’ll use a gluten-free graham cracker crust, as we have some people with Celiac attending the wedding and we want to be sure everyone can partake! And they’ll be displayed on a cupcake tower that i’m borrowing from a friend. The top tier will be a carrot cake, at B’s request. And Chowhound highly recommends the carrot cake from Carole’s Cheesecake Company, and there’s one in Yorkville. So hopefully next week i can pop in after work one day and bring a slice home for Brent to critique – he’s quite particular about his carrot cake. And if Carole’s isn’t THE one, we can try a few others on the list too!
So there we go, cake = sorted!


Challenges of the week

Hi Friends.

So I’ve encountered a few challenges this week…. the first is with the DJ company. Something to know is that we are having a friend DJ our wedding, but we have to use the sound system at the venue (duh) and it’s owned by an outside DJ company who are charging us a technician fee to just have someone on site, making sure our DJ doesn’t blow a speaker. Fine. The fee is not cheap, it’s $50/hr, essentially for an extra dude in the room for the entire night. The owner of the DJ Company is the person i’ve been dealing with and he’d asked me to be in touch with our DJ to find out what he needs. I was at a gig on Friday night and our DJ friend was in attendance, and we were talking about song choices etc (Bon Jovi is a must, and so is Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams). I asked what he needs he said turn tables and a mixer. Sounds standard to me…. I pass along this message to the DJ Company and check this, turns out, they don’t supply turn tables…. a DJ company that does not have turn tables… WTF?! So guess what. It will cost me more money to rent them. Why should it cost me more money to rent the equipment, when i’m already forced to use your services. You should provide what i need considering the hourly fee i’m paying for your guy to stand around and do nothing for 8 hours!

A DJ company without turntables…

Second challenge of the week, and it’s only Wednesday, scheduling a tasting at one of the potential caterers. One of them, was easy peasy, it’s set up for next Tuesday evening. The other company only does tastings Monday – Friday, during business hours…. I’m pretty sure i’m not the only client in the world with a job, so why would they only do tastings during office hours, when people who can afford their services – work?! So despite their delicious sounding menu, i may not be able to choose them because i can’t get time off to taste their food! Seems silly. Another strange thing about this particular caterer is they don’t have automatic gratuity. It’s up to the discretion of the client … which makes me feel horrible for the staff on site at events because what happens when you work 5 hours at party for a difficult client and they just leave without paying a tip! Most caterers include the tip in their quote. So you can’t forget. But if i hadn’t have shown the quote to my sister – who works in the industry, i probably would not have noticed that the tip was not included, and i could have accidentally been that jerk that stiffs the staff on a tip!

And the third challenge of the week… though it’s a different kind of challenge, will be to test bake the mini cheesecakes for the wedding! I’m hosting a mini-cheesecake baking party this saturday! Results to be posted next week. I’m hungry just thinking about them!!

Happy planning!

The Internet Makes Me Happy


Today I have discovered so many awesome things on the internet. I’m always impressed with creative people.  And today, my mind is blown at some of these creative things i’ve found. Some i wish i had found earlier… like this Etsy Card Shop Sapling Press.
They have some brilliantly funny cards made for asking your friends to be your maid of honour (or in their case, honor. they’re american) or bridesmaid. I did the card thing, but my cards weren’t nearly as clever… mostly because i had to write them myself. but look at these:

Another thing i found on the internet today is this adorable Rice Krispie Treat wedding cake:

And lastly, i found this Etsy shop called Liquid Courage, and you know those bridal party members in charge of speeches are gonna need a little of this…Anything on this page would make an adorable thank you gift for your bridal party, male or female. I’m considering a few of these for a groom’s gift! i think B would be really into this idea.. and i know some of my bridal party would appreciate it as well! I’m really digging these ones:

Paper Flowers – I’ve gone and done it!


I tried my hand at paper flowers last weekend. After a very sweaty walk to the Paper Place on Queen, and then a quick pop-in to the Dufferin Mall Dollarstore + Wal-Mart, I attempted to craft some paper flowers.

While at the Paper Place, i easily spent an hour looking at all the neat stuff they had in there… also cooling down, it was a billion degrees outside and i was in no hurry to head back out. I picked up a few bits and pieces, but most importantly i picked out some Japanese Watermark Tissue to be able to try my hand at these neat roses i saw on a vlog that the Paper Place had posted… for your viewing pleasure, here it is: Wedding Bells + The Paper Place Make Paper Roses.

Since i was in the crafting mood (the mood don’t last long) i thought i’d also give this little tutorial on paper roses a shot. For these i used pages from the billions of wedding magazines i’ve acqured over the last two years.

And friends. Here is the result. (you can see i gave up rather quickly.. this is what happens when drinking red wine while crafting… you get sleepy!)

I have a bit of a ways to go… but i think they look cute!

Know what else i did today?

I am just getting stuff accomplished today!

So i’m working with a designer to get my invites done, they’ll be approximately 4×6 in size, so i was combing the internet to see how much it would be to buy gold envelopes because i don’t think i’ll be able to get a true gold printed on my invites – at least not within my budget! So anyway. I found a bunch of places that have envelopes and 100 envelopes will cost somewhere around $50 including shipping. Maybe less. (i don’t NEED 100 envelopes, but i can only order multiples of 50, and i need more than 50).

Thinking of envelopes led me to remember that i’d recently emailed myself a link to this cute online store that makes stamps. Brilliant for cutting down the time it takes to address the invites and thank you cards!

So i’ve just ordered this adorable custom stamp from The Penny Paper Co. Best part, they’re local Torontonians!
Look how cute this is:


Hi Friends,

I don’t mean to offend any brides with this blog, i love cupcakes. But despite their current trend in being the popular cake-du-jours for weddings, I wanted to think outside the box a bit for my own wedding.

Here’s the thing. I LOVE sweet stuff, and i LOVE baking. But the fiance, he’s lukewarm on sweet things, unless it’s carrot cake or plain chocolate. But he does on occasion eat a piece of cheesecake. So here’s what we’ve decided for our wedding cake… a top tier of carrot cake for the ceremonial “hey look, we’re cutting a cake’ pictures, and for somewhere for those adorable penguin cake toppers to rest. And the bottom tiers we want cheese cake. At first i was thinking cheesecake pops, like this:


But as i was flipping through Bakerella, i found these really cute little mini, single serving cheesecakes, i also appreciate that they’re called Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes. How hard can they be with that as their name? The reason i say that is because i’m really hoping someone i know can step up and make these cause no doubt they will cost a fortune to buy from a bakery!

Photo Credit: Bakerella

Adorable, right?!

I think i’m on to something here!!!

Alternative Wedding Gifts

Hi Friends

I always find when i’m flipping through magazines or blogs and people write about alternative wedding gifts, it seems that they’re writing for only rich people who are going to weddings. And i’m certainly not that demographic!
Today after being convinced i’m an adult and can justify buying nice things for my new house (new to me – the house is actually 100 years old), i came across this website for a store that’s located on Roncesvalles. As a general rule, i think Roncesvalles in general is a great place to start to find unique, thoughtful, crafty, personal wedding gifts.  This store in particular is called SoHo Art & Custom Framing, and is located at 77 Roncesvalles – two blocks north of queen.

Everything on the website is completely affordable and really cute. The items they stock would make for some really great thoughtful, not so standard wedding gifts.

The reason i came across their store was through a rabbit hole of websites while looking at posters to buy to decorate my living room. I’ve been in love with these transit style posters for a while now, and just this morning sent me a note about a sale. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada. BOOO. i was devastated. So i went to their etsy shop to look at how much it would be to have them shipped directly from the crafter. The etsy shop is NOT having a sale, so the prints i wanted were regular price, and the shipping is around $30 to get it from NYC to Toronto. Each poster is about $30, so i’m going to order two + shipping is around $90 which is not horrible. In fact i find it quite awesome. I’ve picked two cities that i love, Tokyo & New York City. New York has some significance to my fiance and I as for our first Christmas together he bought me a plane ticket to New York, because he knew how much i loved that city! And Tokyo because… well I love Tokyo. not a week goes by where i don’t message my traveling pals to talk about Tokyo. To us, talking about our trip to Tokyo is never out of the blue. we can relate everything back to those five amazing days 4 years ago!

The third and final poster i bought is an Ork Poster of the outer boroughs of London England, where B and I lived for 8 months, 2 years ago. And it actually lists our borough!

I think these posters would be great gifts for a couple who likes to travel. They are shipped unframed but finding a framer in this city isn’t too difficult and there are plenty of places where you can buy ready made frames and then all you need is a custom matte. And there you have a gorgeous, personal gift for under $100!

My friends however, can not use this idea as I’ve already purchased these for myself! ha.

Happy Gifting!