David’s Bridal White by Vera Wang SALE

need i say more?!

Make an appointment now! the gowns are gorgeous, and pretty reasonably priced, considering they’re Vera. Plus, you’ll get to tell people you’re wearing Vera Wang. Which is awesome!



I’m on a roll!


I have found and purchased my dress & shoes!
After i booked the venue, besides hyperventilating at the amount of money i put on my credit card, i booked an appointment to go back to David’s Bridal to order my dress.

I had it narrowed down to two dresses, so i thought easy peasy, pick one get measured and head home. WRONG. One of the dresses was no longer in store. And the fact that i was so upset by that, i knew that was the style of dress i wanted to have for my wedding. So we had to start the search all over again! Oi vey. My very patient consultant appeared to have super human hearing because every time she walked away, she would bring back a dress that we were talking about in her absence! She was delightful.

Unfortunately the style of dress that i was looking for, appears to be a style that’s currently not on the racks, so every dress i thought i liked was un-orderable so i would have to buy the exact dress i was trying on. Which was fine in some case, and some other cases, there’s no way that would work!

So i bought a dress, and of course it was unorderable, so i got to walk out the store that night with it! While trying on dresses my sister had pilfered the shelves to find shoes in my size, so i could be the appropriate height for dress-trying-on. And the shoes she found were just perfect! They matched the dress so well and they were adorable. So i bought those too!

The very best part of this story is that the dress was on SUPER SALE like crazy cheap! Brilliant! More money for food and booze! I’m totally rocking at this wedding planning shiz! The second best part was going to dinner after with my mom, sister and friend and the waitress overheard our excitement and brought me a free dessert as a ‘congrats on buying your wedding dress’ celebration!

Psst, look how cute:

Gush, gush, gush!

We bought a house!! It’s beautiful. I don’t have a child to gush over, so in the meantime, I have a gorgeous house to ramble about! It’s a century home, in the city, in the specific neighbourhood we were hoping for. It’s updated but not overly done, so there’s room to make it ours, there’s a nice backyard for entertaining with a big patio  which means minimal lawn for mowing! yay! Anyway, i’m in love! And oddly we get the house the day before Valentine’s! I’m so excited!

And on a wedding related note, a friend of mine sent a link yesterday to a beautiful EASY DIY floral arrangement from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I think these would make lovely centre pieces or if you’re like me and not having tables…. they would be gorgeous accent pieces to place around the venue and at food stations.

Once we get settled in the house i guess i’ll have to actually make real plans related to the wedding… like buying a dress. Funny i should bring that up, David’s is having a sale on! And both the dresses that i fell in love with back in October are on SALE! and one is way way way on sale (and it was always a little bit my favourite). Eek! i might have to buy a dress without having booked a single other thing for the wedding!

Stay tuned!

Wedding Dress shopping …part 1.

oh my gosh ladies!!!
Wedding dress shopping is way more fun that i thought it would be. I was a little nervous. I didn’t want a super pushy sales girl, forcing me to make my choice right then. i also had a vision of drowning in tulle and organza.  This was not the case!

We arrived on time for my 7 PM appointment at David’s Bridal in Mississauga and the girl at the reception said it would be a few minutes but she’d give me a catalogue to flip through and of course in the time it took her to tell me this, my sister, friend and mother had delved into the depths of the store looking at dresses! I filled out my information sheet and poked around the store while i waited to be called for my appointment. Wow. Soooo many pretty dresses. The group of us narrowed down the selection to about 8 dresses that i wanted to try on.

The first dress was a huge hit – and surprisingly nothing like i thought i wanted! It was a modern version ball gown!!! The extreme opposite of everything i thought i wanted! But it was beautiful! I loved it! the first dress and i was already in love. uh oh.  so i tried on the rest of the gowns and immediately eliminated two of them. One everyone else LOVED and i HATED. Like hated hated. No one else could understand how much i hated the dress, they all loved it and gasped when i came out of the dressing room. i said, Yuck!

At the end of the nearly 2 hour appointment i’d narrowed it down to my three favourites, and they could not be more different from each other. I plan to do a bit more poking around at some shops in the city. I’ve got plenty of time before i have to pick  – i only hope the decision gets a bit more clearer cause right now, all of the dresses are tied for first! EEK!