Hi Friends,

I don’t mean to offend any brides with this blog, i love cupcakes. But despite their current trend in being the popular cake-du-jours for weddings, I wanted to think outside the box a bit for my own wedding.

Here’s the thing. I LOVE sweet stuff, and i LOVE baking. But the fiance, he’s lukewarm on sweet things, unless it’s carrot cake or plain chocolate. But he does on occasion eat a piece of cheesecake. So here’s what we’ve decided for our wedding cake… a top tier of carrot cake for the ceremonial “hey look, we’re cutting a cake’ pictures, and for somewhere for those adorable penguin cake toppers to rest. And the bottom tiers we want cheese cake. At first i was thinking cheesecake pops, like this:


But as i was flipping through Bakerella, i found these really cute little mini, single serving cheesecakes, i also appreciate that they’re called Super Easy Mini Cherry Cheesecakes. How hard can they be with that as their name? The reason i say that is because i’m really hoping someone i know can step up and make these cause no doubt they will cost a fortune to buy from a bakery!

Photo Credit: Bakerella

Adorable, right?!

I think i’m on to something here!!!