Know what else i did today?

I am just getting stuff accomplished today!

So i’m working with a designer to get my invites done, they’ll be approximately 4×6 in size, so i was combing the internet to see how much it would be to buy gold envelopes because i don’t think i’ll be able to get a true gold printed on my invites – at least not within my budget! So anyway. I found a bunch of places that have envelopes and 100 envelopes will cost somewhere around $50 including shipping. Maybe less. (i don’t NEED 100 envelopes, but i can only order multiples of 50, and i need more than 50).

Thinking of envelopes led me to remember that i’d recently emailed myself a link to this cute online store that makes stamps. Brilliant for cutting down the time it takes to address the invites and thank you cards!

So i’ve just ordered this adorable custom stamp from The Penny Paper Co. Best part, they’re local Torontonians!
Look how cute this is:


Getting Shiz Done!


I can cross one more thing off my list! I have officially booked my Officiant! Yay!
I did a bit of research before i booked. Because i could not believe how pricey it was for someone to speak for about 15-20 mins to make it all official, official. I know the job isn’t hard, because I’VE DONE IT. it’s true i ‘officiated’ at a wedding a couple of years ago. There was still a paid officiant on site who said a few words, but i did most of the work.

So here’s what i found out. To book a city hall officiant to do an off-site wedding in the Toronto area is it $373.40. There is a deposit of $203.40. And you book it over the phone and they assign you an officiant who you meet about a month before the wedding to chat about your vision for the ceremony. At this meeting you also pay the dude the balance of the cost $170.

I also looked into Enduring Promises. I just wasn’t in love with how they worked. So they were $295 + HST so $333.35 and the deposit is about $166 if i did the math right. And you’re thinking DEAL. But here’s the catch. You meet your officiant BEFORE you book, and then you don’t see them again till 20 mins before your ceremony. If you want to have another meeting with them, it’s another $100 + HST. And since the chances of you knowing how your ceremony is going to play out a year or in my case 5 months before the wedding, are pretty slim so you’ll need that second meeting. So it’s actually more expensive.

And finally i looked into All Season Weddings. This is the company my friend in Ottawa used to book their officiant. They are $384.70. There is a deposit of $214.70, and you pay the balance of $170 to the officiant at your meeting about a month before the wedding. What’s great about their website is, they list all the officiants that preform ceremonies in the Toronto area, and they each have a bio, testimonials, and some even have a video! So i scrolled through the list of officiants and read the bios and sent a selection of names and All Season Weddings contacted my first choice for me, to confirm their availability. When they heard back they sent me a note with the officiants contact info so i can be in touch via email or telephone before confirming my booking. So i sent the dude a note to give him an idea about what we’re like and what we’re hoping for from our ceremony. After i heard back from him and got a good vibe i called the office and put down my deposit. Boom. Officiant booked! AND i still get an in person meeting one month before the wedding to go over the plans for the ceremony – all included in the initial price!

I feel so accomplished now. I’m just waiting on two more food quotes and i should be able to make a decision about that next week. Things are starting to come together!


No further ahead, and yet, leaps and bounds ahead!

So i’m technically no further ahead in my planning than i was at this time last week.

I did not book my officiant, but that’s because i’m waiting for the company to reply back to me with their availability. So i have sort of made a move to get that done. And that’s almost as important as getting it done, right?

BUT i did meet with my invitation designer, which was another goal i had last week. So that’s off the to do list, now i just need to work on the wording of the invite. In the meantime she’ll be working with some mock text to flesh out my design ideas.

I also had a full & rich (as we say around my office) with B to chat about the details of the wedding website, which he swears he’ll have done before the invites go out at the end of August.

And, something that wasn’t on my to do list from last week… caterers. I now have 2 quotes that are within my budget and i have a planned meeting with a third caterer for later this week. SO hopefully by the end of next week i’ll have my caterer booked. I feel so much better! I don’t know why it’s taken nearly 4 months of emailing to get quotes that fit my proposed budget, but at last it’s happening!  And one of the quotes is from a company i’d contacted twice before!

So anyway, i’m starting to feel a lot better about the budget and the spending and am very much looking forward to getting some big things off my plate, so i can concentrate on Martha Stewart-ing my reception venue! hahaha. Hopefully my next post will be about how i’ve booked an officiant AND a caterer!

wish me luck friends!

You’re Not Invited!

That’s probably the toughest sentence to say. And granted most people don’t say it quite so bluntly but that’s what they mean when they say in a round about way that you are not invited to their wedding.

Weddings are stressful, i’m having a really hard time finding a caterer that fits my teeny tiny budget, but on top of that having to deal with people who are asking for an invite to the wedding, or who assume they’re invited is added stress that i don’t need!

Some people i know their feelings won’t be hurt when i say “you’re not invited” and others i just avoid talking about wedding things in front of them so that i don’t have to have the awkward conversation about how they will not be getting an invitation.

I cannot afford to invite every.single.person i’ve ever met, nor would i want them all there anyway. I’m a pretty quiet and shy person, so is my fiance and currently my invite list is at about 127 people + the potential for 13 plus one’s to show up. That’s a possibility of 140 people starring at us while we commit our lives to each other. That’s scary, and quite a ways off from my dream wedding at a chapel in Vegas with Elvis as the Officiant.

Try and remember that weddings aren’t free, and if you aren’t invited to a wedding it’s likely because of the budget, it’s not because you aren’t liked. Try and remember that and don’t take offense. Wish the couple well, and have a toast in their honour where ever you may be on their wedding day. Please don’t add to the stress of their planning by asking their friends if you’re getting an invite – or worse yet asking the couple. They aren’t excluding you to be mean, they just likely cannot afford to invite you.  Don’t hold a grudge, it’s petty and reflects poorly on you. You don’t make friends in life simply to be invited to their wedding!


In other news, my goal for this week is to book an officiant! Let’s hope i get it done and can cross that off my list! I’m also meeting with my invitation designer to get started on those!


Aisle Walk Gone Wrong

Oh sweet mercy, have y’all seen this video?
I could only peak at it through my fingers that i was holding in front of my eyes. It was too hard to look directly at it. I was soooo embarrassed for this girl.
So please if you’re considering this move and are not actually Christina Aguilera, please don’t. Save us the pain!

Caution, watch at your own risk!!
Aisle Walk Gone Wrong

One more thing off the To Do list

Well sort of two things.
But one may-jah (that’s said in Posh Spice’s voice) thing.
I have booked my photographer. Signed. Sealed. And paid for (the deposit anyway).

It feels so good to accomplish something. It seems that everyday the To Do list grows longer, and yet nothing ever gets crossed off!

But i am happy to report that i secured the lovely and talented Sara Wilde Photography to capture our happy day! Sara has been ever so patient with us (read: me) and my million questions and total full-blown decision-itis. Sara has the style i’ve been looking for and fit into my budget, but i suspect when people catch wind of how beautiful her work is… she’ll raise her prices, so i’m happy i got in early! Check out her site!

Anyway, i’ve been quiet lately because work has consumed my life for the last few weeks, but it’s back to normal now and i’ll be able to get focused again. Next may-jah step is find a bloody caterer. Turns out tacos and poutine are well over priced! I actually inquired with a restaurant that has catered my work parties with a similar menu to what i’m looking for and they didn’t even bother with a quote. They just flat out said on my budget there is nothing they could do to accommodate me. WOW. Even though i know for a fact that i could order dinner at their restaurant for 138 people for less than my proposed budget!!!

In happier news, my darling penguin cake toppers from Milo&Ben arrived in the mail. And wow are they cute!

Anyway, so i’m back on track folks. Look forward to more regular updates from me on my wacky experience in planning what i had hoped would be the least stressful wedding in the history of the world! Turns out stressful and wedding go together like peanut butter and jam.




Football Themed Wedding? I don’t think so!

Hi Ladies.
It has recently been brought to my attention that i have picked Grey Cup weekend as my wedding. And for the love of the lord, the damn game is being played in Toronto this year! Argh!

This was only brought to my attention when I was researching hotels for my guests to stay at that weekend. I was having a real hard time finding one for less than $150 a night. And the reason is because EVERYTHING is booked up due to the Grey Cup!

I did find one hotel that offered a rate of $149/per night BUT the catch was i had to guarantee that i could get bookings for a minimum of 10 rooms, and if i didn’t, we’d be responsible for paying for the remainder of the rooms! GET LOST. If i don’t book them, it’s not like they won’t go unsold – you can release them and other football crazed fans will book them. I’m not signing that! Get lost!

So i have booked a group rate at the InterContinental Yorkville. The room rate is a bit higher than i was hoping for ($169/night), but the accommodations are beautiful and the woman i have been dealing with in sales, has been really helpful! AND we don’t have to guarantee any number of rooms! And $169, is pretty reasonable considering two things, it’s in Yorkville, and it’s downtown Toronto. Other hotels i priced were over $200 a room and that was with the group booking discount! Yikes.

So ladies, if you haven’t started looking at hotels for your fall/winter wedding, i would highly suggest getting on that… as well as checking out the InterCon in Yorkville!

Good luck + yay football! haha