No further ahead, and yet, leaps and bounds ahead!

So i’m technically no further ahead in my planning than i was at this time last week.

I did not book my officiant, but that’s because i’m waiting for the company to reply back to me with their availability. So i have sort of made a move to get that done. And that’s almost as important as getting it done, right?

BUT i did meet with my invitation designer, which was another goal i had last week. So that’s off the to do list, now i just need to work on the wording of the invite. In the meantime she’ll be working with some mock text to flesh out my design ideas.

I also had a full & rich (as we say around my office) with B to chat about the details of the wedding website, which he swears he’ll have done before the invites go out at the end of August.

And, something that wasn’t on my to do list from last week… caterers. I now have 2 quotes that are within my budget and i have a planned meeting with a third caterer for later this week. SO hopefully by the end of next week i’ll have my caterer booked. I feel so much better! I don’t know why it’s taken nearly 4 months of emailing to get quotes that fit my proposed budget, but at last it’s happening!  And one of the quotes is from a company i’d contacted twice before!

So anyway, i’m starting to feel a lot better about the budget and the spending and am very much looking forward to getting some big things off my plate, so i can concentrate on Martha Stewart-ing my reception venue! hahaha. Hopefully my next post will be about how i’ve booked an officiant AND a caterer!

wish me luck friends!


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