You’re Not Invited!

That’s probably the toughest sentence to say. And granted most people don’t say it quite so bluntly but that’s what they mean when they say in a round about way that you are not invited to their wedding.

Weddings are stressful, i’m having a really hard time finding a caterer that fits my teeny tiny budget, but on top of that having to deal with people who are asking for an invite to the wedding, or who assume they’re invited is added stress that i don’t need!

Some people i know their feelings won’t be hurt when i say “you’re not invited” and others i just avoid talking about wedding things in front of them so that i don’t have to have the awkward conversation about how they will not be getting an invitation.

I cannot afford to invite every.single.person i’ve ever met, nor would i want them all there anyway. I’m a pretty quiet and shy person, so is my fiance and currently my invite list is at about 127 people + the potential for 13 plus one’s to show up. That’s a possibility of 140 people starring at us while we commit our lives to each other. That’s scary, and quite a ways off from my dream wedding at a chapel in Vegas with Elvis as the Officiant.

Try and remember that weddings aren’t free, and if you aren’t invited to a wedding it’s likely because of the budget, it’s not because you aren’t liked. Try and remember that and don’t take offense. Wish the couple well, and have a toast in their honour where ever you may be on their wedding day. Please don’t add to the stress of their planning by asking their friends if you’re getting an invite – or worse yet asking the couple. They aren’t excluding you to be mean, they just likely cannot afford to invite you.  Don’t hold a grudge, it’s petty and reflects poorly on you. You don’t make friends in life simply to be invited to their wedding!


In other news, my goal for this week is to book an officiant! Let’s hope i get it done and can cross that off my list! I’m also meeting with my invitation designer to get started on those!



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