Once is nice, but TWICE is better!

Hi Ladies,

So I’m reading the current issue of Maclean’s magazine because the feature article is pretty much about how i manage to be employed and how come some days my job involves buying HDMI cables and lunch, and other days it involves fielding media calls, and today it involves researching city by-laws. Anyways…. the next article i read was titled “Here comes the bride. Again”, and it’s about the latest trend is women wanting to wear their wedding dress again, but not in a trash the dress session but as a fancy occasion!

Women all over the country are getting together with their fellow brides and having parties to wear their gowns again! I love it. I have actually talked about this with another friend a while back. It seems silly to spend so much on a dress that you wear for like 8 hours. Of course, my dress is probably less than the cost of the underwear most women will buy to properly fit into their dresses BUT that doesn’t mean i don’t want to wear it again! I love my dress! There should be more occasions to wear it!  One group of Toronto ladies is getting together in the Distillery District this summer  to have bubbly and hors d’ouevres and to give their dresses a second turn! I think this idea is brilliant! Don’t you?!

Now all i need is for some of my friends to get hitched so i can work on planning this party!!


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