Wedding Humour

Hi Friends.

A friend of mine posted this link on my facebook page the other day. And I laughed my ass off!  How to know if you’re having the same wedding as everyone else on Pintrest.

I laughed not because i don’t like the sound of these weddings or because it’s the extreme opposite of my indoor winter wedding, i laughed because it’s true! You can’t look through one wedding related website and not find at least 5 of the elements they mention. It’s just the style of weddings these days,  like big shoulders and pouf and legion halls were our parents generation of weddings.

And while on the subject of humour. I’ve recently purchased this book for a fellow bride-to-be, it’s titled Scenes from an Impending Marriage. It’s a hilarious tale of planning a wedding… ingraphic novel format. If you’re looking for a kitchsy gift to get a friend as an engagement present – I highly recommend this book.



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