A Dress for Every Occasion

Hi Ladies!
Being engaged and getting married is a crazy busy time. And it seems that everyone wants to throw you a celebration. Yay! Right? Except when you have nothing to wear. Bummer.

I recently came across a website that has the fix for that. You can rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost, look awesome for the event, and not break the bank doing it! I mean weddings are so expensive as it is, don’t you love when you find something that can save you a little dosh?

So the website Rent frock Repeat, just requires you to sign up for a free membership and then boom, shop till your heart’s content! I’ve already spotted a few dresses that i would love to rent for an engagement party and the rehearsal dinner.  Rentals start at just $65 and you get to keep the dress for 4 days, when you’re done, you pop back in the mail box and some other girl will get to appreciate it! And if you’re unsure about your size, don’t worry, they send you a second size for free to guarantee you’re not stranded!

Happy browsing!




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