Come Mr.DJ won’t you turn the music up?

Infamous words from my girl Rihanna.

So the venue that’s leading the race for wedding venue of my choice, has one teeny glitch. They have a preferred DJ… strange right? Most place have a preferred caterer, not here. You can have any caterer you like, but the DJ services you’re limited to their preferred choice. The trouble is, it’s way out of my budget – $1100 just for a dude to stand behind a booth and play songs for 6 hours. And this is only an estimate.

I just don’t understand what’s so expensive about DJs. This dude doesn’t even need to rent equipment, it’s all already at the venue – but it’s his stuff, so if i want to use a different Dj we’d have to get one with their own eqiupment and they’d have to set up elsewhere in the room because this guy won’t share his stuff. Fine. So we could hire him as a tech dude for the night if we wanted the DJ to use his stuff – just that will cost something like $250 + the money for the other DJ we choose.

Here’s the thing that really boggles my mind. If I was planning a night at a bar, and got a DJ, they’d be paid like $200 + free booze. So what’s so different about being a wedding DJ? The hours are a wee bit longer (not much in my case as my event is only running from 8-1AM). But you get the perk of free food! You just need the ability to know when to play Bon Jovi and when to bust out a slow song. But as someone who’s “DJ’d” at a bar or two, i know it’s not a hard job. It’s certainly not $1100 kind of hard!

So i’m stuck, i don’t know what to do? I’ve found a few DJ companies that have packages that fit my needs for $750 or less. And even those packages include lighting which i don’t need. I could definitely use the savings of a few hundred dollars to put toward something else…. hmmm. Food for thought. But if you’re at a venue that lets you bring your own DJ here’s some that i’ve found that are very reasonabley priced:
Just DJ

Pure Party DJ Services
Toronto DJ Services



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