What to wear when shopping for a wedding gown

This is the actual sentence i googled.

Last week i got my confirmation email from David’s Bridal telling the time, and location of my appointment but no mention of what i should wear or bring! Is this just something i should know? Is this knowledge you acquire with the engagement ring? It seems like it would be such a helpful thing to add a few lines about what to bring with you to your appointment. But my little google search revealed i’m not the only nervous nelly out there wondering just who is going to see me in my undies!

The general consensus is DON’T wear a thong. Duh. Other than that everyone suggests wearing full-bum undies that you’re comfortable in, and a strapless bra. Lots of people also mention that most bridal salons will have corsets and slips that you can borrow when trying on gowns. This a little bit weirds me out… so i think i’m going to bring my own strapless bra, although i don’t think i’ll be wearing one on the day. Lots of people also mentioned that they wore Spanx. I don’t own a pair, and i don’t think i’ll purchase a pair for this occasion… just yet! Oh! And shoes, bring shoes of a similar height to what you think you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. That about covers what to bring with you slash wear to the appointment.

Another thing to note, is go minimal on the makeup. Some stores may ask you to remove it to avoid getting it on the gowns – i imagine i’m probably not shopping at those stores! ha. I really just want a pretty party dress as opposed to a proper full on wedding gown.

So those are the tips i got from my internet search. I thought i’d pass them along.

I’ll report back after the experience! My appointment is after work so i have to wait allll day!!! i don’t know if i’ll make it!!!




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