Paper Flowers!

Hi Ladies!

So if you’re like me, you’re suffering from allergies at the moment which is really attractive! One of the many reasons, this included i’m not keen on having real flowers at our wedding. Flowers wilt, and they’re expensive and they make me sneezy and depending on the flower they could stain your clothing! So NO THANK YOU!!

I have some really cute paper flowers that i’d like to share with you.








Click here for all the detailed instructions. I can’t comment on how easy or difficult these are to make, but they’re certainly pretty!






(Via:, posted by Poe-tate-o)

These ones are also really pretty!
Click here for the details on ‘how-to’








(Via: Green Wedding Shoes).

These are adorable, and were the very first ones i saw that made me think paper flowers are possible!! AND they’re made with coffee filters! Talk about budget!

Click here for the instructions.







And these are just the middle bits from the flowers above, made with magazines! This i’m really excited about. I’m drowning in bridal mags at the moment, and this would be a great second life for them don’t you think?


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