My thoughts on wedding favours, if you’re curious.

Wedding favours are a really weird thing to me. And i’m not alone (i’m basing this on the couple standing next to me at the Wedding Show on the weekend). I mean you and your fiance and likely your parents put in all this effort and money into throwing a fantastic event, and the people in attendance were invited, they weren’t forced to be there. Why are you sending them home with a little thank you gift? And even better question, why are you sending them home with this horrible knick-knack that’s just hideously emblazoned with your names and wedding date? What are your guests going to do with a memento of YOUR wedding?? It’s not their wedding!

No one cares as much about your wedding or wedding date you do! i promise. And most people leave their gifts behind, unless they’re edible. Or in the case of the lady manning the SickKids booth at the wedding show – a fish. She once went to a wedding where the gift was a fish. Thanks! not only did I spend XX amount on my dress, and your gift and probably the cab ride home or a hotel room, but now i get to leave the wedding with a gift that makes me continue to spend???

Popular favours are the ones that are edible. Emblazon those cookies with your wedding date all you want! People are going to eat those. I went to a wedding last summer where I got a cheese plate and knife and no where on it did it mention the bride and groom or their wedding date. it was just a nice plate, that i use quite regularly.  Hershey kisses and hugs are quite popular as well, along with Ferraro Roche chocolates, Lindor chocolates. Are you seeing the theme here. Food products good, tacky knick-knacks bad.

Another favour, that’s leading the race for my wedding, is making a donation to your favourite charity. SickKids hospital had a booth at the Wedding Show on the weekend with a display of the cards they send you, so you can tell your guests about your donation and the cause. The cards were beautiful, and it’s a minimum of $6 donation per card. So you could opt to have one card per family, or couple or if you’re feeling extra generous one card per guest. Another charity that i know participates in a similar program is the Canadian Cancer Society. And these are just two of the many many charities that would be happy to accept your donation in lieu of wedding favours.

I’m just saying get creative, or you might be left with 100 or so knick-knacks slathered in your names and wedding date!



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