Books to read while planning a wedding


Have you given any thought to the books you’ll read while planning your wedding?No? That’s so weird, cause that was my first decision! Ha. I’m kidding, it all happened completely by accident. Shortly after getting engaged i was checking out the freebie counter at work, where bad books and terrible cds and even worse tv series go to die. But on this day one book stood out to me. It was titled How I Planned Your Wedding, by Susan Wiggs, and Elizabeth Wiggs-Maas.

This book was brilliant. It a real life tale of Elizabeth planning her wedding and her mother’s involvement. Her mother is a romantic novelist and therefore had wonderful  romantic ideas about the wedding. Elizabeth and her husband to be, had different ideas. And just for fun, they moved to an entirely new city just a few months before the wedding and had to finish planning the wedding from afar. The book is told from two sides, the mother’s and the daughter’s, and at the end of each chapter they highlight what’s actually important about the wedding planning process. I loved it. I laughed out loud so many times on the subway, it was a great read with lots of helpful tidbits.

The second book you should read, after you’ve started the process of wedding planning. I also picked up this hot number on the freebie counter at work, it’s titled Girls in White Dresses. It’s about a group of friends and their friends who are in the their twenties navigating the dating scene. Inevitably friends start getting married off. This book essentially is to remind the bride-to-be, that while you might be all consumed with wedding details, your friends are not! There’s some hilarious tales about some horrendous bridezillas, and some terrible boyfriends, and husbands your friends don’t like.This particular line really hit home, one friend says to the other, that if you’re the first of your group of friends to get married “Just resign yourself to the fact that your wedding will be a shit show. No matter how elegant the wedding was planned to be, it will wind up looking like a scene out of Girls Gone Wild.” Something for me to look forward to….. i’m the first! eek! I definitely recommend this book, for any bride – or perhaps as a shower gift to a particularly overbearing bride that you’d subtley like to tell to CALM THE EFF DOWN!





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