Here’s the thing…

I’m employed. I have a full-time job and i rarely get a lunch and there’s no hope of me getting my government mandated 15 mins break. So when a vendor says to me, “yeah I’d love to discuss this over the phone”, they’ve just made my life more difficult.

Is it too much to ask that vendors work over email? I can read email at work. I can’t have a discussion with a caterer about food allergies, and taco toppings while sitting in my open concept office.

I’m covertly planning my wedding while at work, for a couple of reasons.
1. vendors work regular 9-5 hours – so do i
2. i don’t have a computer at home (i used to, but it was stolen)
And i think these are valid/important reasons to plan my wedding while at work. The time i spend in a day doing wedding related tasks equals about the time i’m owed to take a lunch and a couple of smoke breaks (if i smoked). I feel fine about my decision. And i’m pretty confident i’m not the only bride out there planning their nuptials on the company’s dime. At least i’m not using my company card to book things, or using the clout carried with my company’s name to get a discount on vendors (despite my darling fiance wishing i would!)

So vendors, listen up. If i send a request to you that says please contact via email i don’t mean for you to send me an email to tell me to call you! I mean, let’s chat this out over email ENTIRELY.

Glad that’s clarified.



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