What’s the point in a budget…

If everyone is going to ignore it?
I’ve sent out countless requests to catering companies in Toronto, they all ask for your budget, likes and dislikes, date, numbers etc. And yet not a single one as returned their proposal to me with anything near what meets my budget. Most are at least double my budget. But here’s the thing, all i want is hors d’ouevres, poutine and tacos. I’m not trying to get a steak dinner for the cost of corned beef on a roll. How expensive should it really be to serve some little tiny baby-sized foods for a couple of hours? the answer VERY expensive!

On average the quotes are coming back to me for about $6500. The one caterer that I had high hopes for came back to me with this sample menu: hot hors d’ouevres: Dim sum, cold hors d’ouevres: crackers and fancy cheese. And then my late night food stations of poutine and tacos. The best part of the menu, is the part I DID! She’s the caterer, is there not more creative cold hors d’ouevres? Perhaps my budget is terribly unreasonable. But that thought makes me sick to my stomach that it would cost close to $7000 for mini-grilled cheeses, poutine and tacos.

Anyways, i’m back to the drawing board for caterers, and i’ve sent out a couple more requests to companies, with explicit instructions to stay within my budget.



2 thoughts on “What’s the point in a budget…

  1. Whoooa Good luck $6500 is sooo expensive. My tip would be to contact one again but this time ask for the same amount of food but instead inform them it’s for a retirement party. Most companies have a set wedding price which is much higher.
    Good luck x

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