VENUE: Ontario Heritage Centre

Hi Ladies,

A few weeks ago a few of us (more than i expected) headed out to the Ontario Heritage Centre at Adelaide & Yonge. As the name indicates it’s a Heritage building so it’s old, which is fine with me, this particular building still has a manually operated elevator which was one of the features that i LOVED. The elevator is used to take you up to the second floor Birkbeck Room where the ceremony takes place. After the ceremony the elevator is used to bring your guests down to the Gallery where the reception takes place, there is also a set of stairs for your able bodied guests to use – i just like the elevator.

The Birkbeck room was lacking in personality. There aren’t too many photos online of weddings that have happened there, so I wanted to check out the space in person to get a better sense of what it was like. The Birkbeck room just reminded me of any of the number of meeting rooms I’ve booked in my career, there just wasn’t anything to write home about, as i like to say.

The second room we looked at was the Gallery, the area where the reception would take place. A couple things that stood out to me, was the carpeting. WHY WHY WHY is there carpeting? Also, despite the fact that the website says it can hold 150 people, i just couldn’t see how everything would fit, and I don’t even want tables! It just seemed so uninspired but i have a tough time visualizing things, and i really don’t want to have to put in a lot of effort to make my vision come to life!

Anyway, needless to say that everyone who came to look at the venue was in agreement that this is not my venue.

The only numbers available are for the room rental, because everything else pretty much goes through their preferred caterers.

Mon-Fri Rental Costs for Birkbeck & the Gallery: $1795 (full day)
Saturday Rental Costs for Birkbeck & Gallery: $1950 (full day)
* these include the tables and chairs & if you’re interested a rehearsal can be booked in the Birkbeck for $300.

So the Room Rental isn’t bad, but the space just wasn’t for me.

Plodding on…



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