Could I be an Etsy bride?

I often find myself clicking through to Etsy pages and lusting over all the beautiful handcrafted items. If you know me, you know i love crafty crap and the people who make it – because i am not uber crafty. i always like to think i am, but then something distracts me or i find i’m missing something to do the job right and needless to say, things rarely get finished.

Today i came across this site with beautiful birdcage veils and fascinators, and all for a really good price. Fine & Fleurie have pages and pages of beautiful pieces that i think any bride would fall in love with.

The veil pictured here is $29.50 USD, the flower is sold separately and is made of silk with Swarovski crystals in the centre for $45 USD.  A beautiful, handmade veil for $75?! Deal!

Please check out their Etsy shop here.



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