Think she’d be in my wedding?

Today i was trolling the Toronto Star wedding stories, and found this article about a girl who’s been involved in 8 weddings in 5 years, in some capacity. She’s been a maid of honour, bridesmaid, master of ceremonies etc. essentially she’s been everything but the bride in 8 weddings, and this article is about how it’s putting her in the poorhouse, cause she’s a pilates instructor who also baby sits? the article wasn’t very clear about that. Regardless, it’s HER FAULT she’s broke! She’s able to say NO when a friend or CASUAL ACQUAINTANCE asks her to be a part of their big day. Just thank the bride immensely for thinking of you and politely explain that while Pilates is a popular past time for the rich – it does not in fact pay the big bucks.

I plan to make life easy on the people who will be involved in the wedding – you know once we get around to getting to that part of the planning process! I’m not having 100 different celebrations to celebrate the fact that in the next year i’m going to celebrate finding the ‘one’. it’s too much celebrating, even for me – and i’m the kind of person who plans a birthday week! I’m also not into the matchy-matchy dresses and shoes and make-up etc. I’m trying for a budget friendly big-day, so in turn it should be budget friendly for anyone involved.

On that note, do you think this Emma character will be in my wedding party? haha.



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