VENUE: Berkeley Church & Fieldhouse

When i first started planning this wedding, the Berk was my DREAM venue! In fact it was the only venue that B and I agreed on, and it was the first one that came out of his mouth.

i thought sweet! this is going to be soooo easy! I was so naive then. I emailed the events coordinator and got some details about the space, capacity, rental fee and what’s included etc. Man, this was going so well. A week or so later I got another email from the berk saying they were having an open house and will be giving tours of the venue + there will be wine and hors d’ouerves. Awesome! Rounded up my ladies and my mom and we headed the Berk the following week for a walk-through. It was beautiful, perfect, exactly what i wanted, and the event coordinator was great. Very helpful and informative and even listened as my mom yammered on about her wedding in brampton in the 70s – because he lives in brampton and must therefore be interested?!

even my mother was in love with the venue, she was starting to come around to my idea of a very casual, non-traditional wedding. She could see it happening there. A week after the visit i messaged the contact there to get a cost estimate. And this is where it all went wrong! Yipes $14000, and that was WITHOUT BOOZE! And oh wait, i can’t have it in the room I want on the date i want because they don’t do cocktail parties during high season for less than 150 people, and never on a saturday? Hmm that was news to me, that was always my plan and the coordinator knew that… so i was totally heartbroken to realize that this was not going to happen!

That was my first lesson in planning a wedding. Lesson learned – weddings are expensive! I had a grand plan to have a $10,000 wedding. HAHAHA. I thought, how expensive can it be to have a party for 120 people with some snacky foods, poutine and tacos? Answer: REALLY expensive!

Here’s a break down of the costs for 120 guests:
Venue rental fee (includes furniture! bonus!) $2800
Privilege of using their sound system $200
Soda & Juice for everyone: $900
Hors D’ouevres: $2000
2 Food Stations: $3600
Staff: $2500
Rentals: $1200
Cleaning fee: $500

Plus Taxes and Grats…..

All the costs seem fine on their own – apart from $2500 for staffing – how many staff do you really need! And the cleaning fee? Seems like a bit of a money grab… So anyway. It’s a beautiful venue and if i could afford to i would still like to get married there, but i’ve resigned to the fact, that my lotto numbers are probably not going to get picked, so i’ve been on the hunt for another equally awesome space to host my wedding. I’ve also resigned myself to the fact that $10,000 is an unrealistic budget!

Stay tuned, more adventures in wedding planning to come!



3 thoughts on “VENUE: Berkeley Church & Fieldhouse

  1. Devastated. Devastated? Devastated. Especially since you SPECIFICALLY told the dude EXACTLY what you wanted to do and he was all nods and smiles. Turns out, not so much. Ugh. I’m stressed FOR YOU!

  2. i just booked this venue for my wedding of 100 guests. everything so far is going pretty great. I expected to spend about 12,000 on the venue alone and with what comes with it, and it’s actually around 11,000. I couldn’t be happier with this venue right now. They are even making specific food i want to have. they have been really great.
    We are also having it on a sunday, which lowered the cost of the venue.

    i’ve learned when dealing with venues that communication is HUGE. both parties really need to make sure everything is spelled out or else things will get misunderstood. people in general are very bad at communicating, but so far, i’ve had no issues with Berkeley. I emailed numerous numerous times before booking about specific things just to make sure everyone involved was on the same page, and they were very good about it.

    don’t forget you can ALWAYS negotiate on quotes/proposals they send. our quote he sent us on just a general layout of how much staff and how many hours they are there we were able to tweak it.

    p.s – taxes and gratuities are included in that price. Or so they are in mine!

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