A little bit of background..

So before i delve into the land of all things wedding, let me tell you a bit about us, and the dream wedding i’m envisioning for my fiance and I.

We’re casual people. Our favourite take out spot is tacos el asador. We drink fancy beer (although i must confess, i’m still a really huge fan of Bud Light Lime….). We download all our favourite shows and we spend date nights eating our way through the delicious food options Toronto has to offer. On a whim we moved to London, England for a year where we took full advantage of discount airlines and England’s close proximity to all the wonderfulness Europe has to offer. We like to travel. I read a tonne of chick-lit, and he likes to frequent Google News. We’re nerds. We love having our friends over for dinner. He’s a minimalist, and i’m…. not, but together we work.

So for our wedding we’re planing a low key affair. We hate being the centre of attention. I’m hoping for the look and feel of your favourite night out at the bar, where you just keep running into everyone you know and love! No sit-down dinner, no long drawn out speeches, no garter or bouquet toss. Just bevvy’s and dancing! We want a small ceremony – undecided about whether it’ll be at city hall or at our reception venue(which hasn’t be chosen yet!) and then a big party. There will likely be 130-150 people in attendance. But the great part is, i’ll know every single one of those people!  We want a good selection of hot and cold hors d’ouevres and late night tacos and poutine and of course OPEN BAR. We’re planning an October 2012 wedding and people are FREAKING OUT that i don’t have a venue picked already!  Yeesh. I didn’t realize this was such a big deal. I’m in the process folks, in the process! People keep asking questions about the wedding and plans i’ve made, and so far i’ve made none, other than the fact that i want poutine, tacos, and bon jovi involved in the event. Ha. I’ve been on the hunt for a loungey venue in toronto, that’s not crazy expensive. I’ve got some contenders that i’ll share with you in the coming posts.

till then,



One thought on “A little bit of background..

  1. If you are still looking for a venue… check out Joy Bistro in Leslieville. We originally wanted to have our low-key relaxed wedding there but certain circumstances would have made it impossible for a few important guests to come(stairs). But we LOVED the place. they have a great reception room upstairs and Vanessa the coordinator is absolutely wonderful. and it was cheaper then Berkeley(haha).

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